As many other parents, with children reaching the age of two, I was often warned about the famous “TERRIBLE TWO’S”. I could not help thinking to myself what a terrible affirmation that sets the stage for parents to expect terrible behavior from their children. Its true that the age of 2 is a challenging one, for both toddlers and parents, however if we start out by naming it as “terrible two’s” from the very beginning, we are not setting the best mindset to face this challenge.

It’s true that around this age, as a parent you get the feeling that the words you use the most are “No”, “Don’t” and “Its not OK”.   So I found myself searching for the “right” words, the ”right” phrases that would “educate” them but at the same time wouldn’t subconsciously hurt their self esteem…  It wasn’t easy at first but finally found that by simply “translating” to “toddler” language the same affirmations we use as adults, we could start as early on as possible to teach them to have a positive mindset and boost their self esteem. With these affirmations we can turn the scale around so that the positive messages we send our children outweigh the other ones (no’s, don’ts, it’s not ok, etc).